Location & Time

Location & Time
The Anchor Bible Church of Redlands
2015 W. Park Ave. #3

Redlands, CA

Mailing Address:
PO Box 8792
Redlands, CA 92375
Saturdays, 7:00pm
It was a joy, for the first twenty-one months of the life of our church, to worship in "The Old Church Club" in Yucaipa. We became known as "The Anchor Bible Church of Redlands" (in Yucaipa).

When we outgrew that wonderful building, the Lord blessed us with what used to be the Mission Aviation Fellowship building, across from the Redlands Airport.

In July 2014, we moved to our newest location on Park Avenue in Redlands.

Here are some of the blessings of having this building as our own:
We have more than adequate room for our children and students to meet for teaching and singing in clean, well-air conditioned rooms on Sunday mornings and during the week.

We have also begun bi-weekly discipleship studies for our young men and women (
junior high and high school.)
Our worship center allows for the increasing opportunities we are experiencing to minister to more souls that the Lord is bringing to us nearly every week.
For over a year and a half, m
any of our people have been faithfully and sacrificially arriving very early every Sunday morning, working hard, setting things up only to tear it all down after the service, week after week after week. Although I’ve never heard even the slightest murmur or complaint over this, I am very glad that they have this time back for other areas of service and fellowship (or much needed sleep).
The Anchor Bible Church of Redlands is now actually meeting in Redlands. Although it has been a great joy to minister in Yucaipa, we are grateful for the joy it is to gather in Redlands as we originally planned nearly two years ago.
The Lord is good to us!
Todd Barnett, Pastor